Nothing beats a barbeque!


It's the perfect way to enjoy good food and good friends. And what's even better is it's no longer an activity that takes place only in summer. While nice weather makes for a pleasant barbeque, covered porches, indoor grills and a willingness to fight the elements help keep this favorite pastime going strong all year round.

What types of food taste great on a barbeque? Just about everything.
If you've picked up a cookbook devoted to this topic lately, you know that you can create a mouth-watering 5-course meal right on a grill. From appetizers to desserts and everything in between, there's something about grilling that makes every food taste even better.

Charcoal vs. gas

The debate rages on as to whether a charcoal grill or a gas grill works best for a barbeque and the truth is it's a tough call. Both have their benefits. By far, gas barbeque grills are much more convenient. Just turn the knob, put the lid down to preheat, and in a few minutes your gas grill is ready to go. If you preheat long enough on a high temperature, your foods will instantly begin searing in their flavorful juices the moment they're placed on the grill.
Charcoal barbeque grills on the other hand don't give off that propane smell. Foods cooked on these grills retain more of their natural flavor and the charcoal gives food a smoky touch. As long as the coals are hot enough before beginning, they're just as effective at searing in the flavor. It takes a while before the coals are ready and there's a bit more to clean up when you're finished, but the end result is well worth the wait and the extra effort.
If you're unsure which type of barbeque grill is right for your gathering, the best thing you can do is experiment. Trying grilling your favorite foods on both types of grill then compare the taste of each. Ask others for their opinions, too. Experimentation is after all, the only you'll come to be respected as the master barbeque chef.
But don't let the experimentation stop there. You can experiment with cooking temperature, with recipes, and with foods you wouldn't normally cook for a barbeque. The worst that can happen is your food will taste bland or will burn. But the best thing that can happen is you'll acquire a new favorite hobby!


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